Content Strategy and ROI

According to Curata, one of the top five skill-sets missing from today’s content marketing is the ability to effectively generate high-quality writing itself. Not only does subpar content prevent businesses from properly developing a broader marketing strategy, it is also often a drag on time and resources. There are several factors to keep in mind while evaluating the quality of your content.


Successful content is rewarded commensurately. It engages the reader better, while significantly enhancing a successful SEO strategy. Acrolinx, a content optimization software, found a correlation between the quality of a website’s content and Alexa and Google Search rankings. The Panda algorithm that Google uses, which was launched in 2011, was designed to reward websites with informative, well-written content. Google has made one thing clear: If a site does not offer unique, informative content to readers, it will not rank well.1

Facilitating Reader Attention

High-quality content fully engages the audience and connects at an authentic, emotional level. In order to achieve this, make sure that the content provides relevant information that readers are seeking. Once the target consumer is finished reading the blog post or case study, he or she should be compelled to immediately take action.

First Impression

Studies show that users will spend approximately ten seconds to determine what they think about your services, and your business in general. Beyond layout, UI and other design factors, content is what will convey the purpose and value of the company. Spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as superficial content that does not demonstrate key information in an intelligent manner, will contribute to a negative first impression — often times the only impression.1

Generates New Business

Creating quality content, specifically long-form, betters the odds of receiving new business by increasing user engagement and conveying more brand authority. When consumers are in the consideration phase, long-form content assists them in choosing a specific brand over the competitor by giving them the information needed to make a decision. This is especially true with B2B service providers, where executive buyers are intrigued by the strength of a firm’s ideas and content, not by the size of its marketing budget.


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