White Papers: Conveying Authority and Expertise

The Content Marketing Institute commissioned a study to determine the effectiveness between expert, user-generated, and branded content. They found 85% of consumers “regularly or occasionally seek expert content — such as credible third-party articles — when considering a purchase.”

1 This is important because experts do not write short-form content often. They establish their skill through long-form writing like white papers.

An Eccolo Media B2B Survey, conducted in 2015, found buyers read roughly the same amount of white papers (i.e., long-form content) as they did email newsletters. When asked which of those two assets were more influential in their purchasing decision, they responded white papers by double the margin.² In fact, in evaluating a technological purchase, of all assets available to those buyers, white papers tied with the aforementioned emails for second place (52%) as most influential (data sheets ranked highest at 57%). Social media (34%), blog articles (30%), tweets (25%), and infographics (25%) lagged behind.²

Long-form marketing content — such as white papers, eBooks, or case studies — can also be repurposed and repackaged into other content, such as videos, presentations, infographics, podcasts, articles or a series of articles.3 This concept is known as “clustering” and is an efficient way to generate multiple content pieces from a single research project. In this way, information from longer-form documents can be reused to effectively meet all aspects of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Volume Nine, a Denver-based SEO consulting firm, included “informative” white papers as part of their prefered long-form content, calling them “the perfect platform to demonstrate expertise on a specific topic and/or industry.”4  The firm added “long-form content provides valuable information to a highly-invested audience that wants to learn more about your area of expertise.”



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